3-Line Tales: Heartbreak

Three Line Tales: Heartbreak


The beating of Leo’s heart competed with the sound of rain as they splattered on the fast moving train’s window while he was on his knees holding a small open box in which a heart-shaped diamond ring glittered as it caught the train’s overhead lights.

“I’m sorry, Leo.” The love of his life whispered softly as tears rolled down her cheeks. “I can’t marry you.”

Leo felt blood rush to his head drowning out the crash of thunder from outside, and the ceaseless drumming of rain against glass as his heart shriveled into nothing and his world crashed to the ground.

This is in response to the Three Line Tales challenge where 3 lines are written inspired by the featured image. Check out the challenge here.

About Dee Gilbert

I am one half of a couple who loves to travel; the half who likes to write and share travel experiences. Reading about travelers' experiences inspire me more to see the world. So, I thought, perhaps in my own little way I could inspire others, too. :)
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9 Responses to 3-Line Tales: Heartbreak

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  2. The beating of Leo’s heart competed with the sound of rain… wow!!! Awesome start.. loved that line 🙂

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  7. Sonderwriter says:

    Wow love the descriptions. Really great take on the photo!

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