Travel Meme Monday: Packing

This is so true for us! Except for the planning activities for kids part as we don’t have any.

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If hubby and I are traveling internationally, I usually pack three or two weeks before the trip. Domestic trips that require air travel, I start packing a week before. For weekend getaways, on my day off work. My husband packs on departure day. I also make a list of things to bring, so I won’t forget my travel essentials. Hubby doesn’t need any kind of list! 

Which type of packer are you? 

About Dee Gilbert

I am one half of a couple who loves to travel; the half who likes to write and share travel experiences. Reading about travelers' experiences inspire me more to see the world. So, I thought, perhaps in my own little way I could inspire others, too. :)
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7 Responses to Travel Meme Monday: Packing

  1. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious says:

    I pack on the departure day. Excepts are allowed isn’t it, may be not all women start packing a week or a month ago 😉

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  2. ralietravels says:

    Alie a few days before and me the day before. Our challenge, whether it be a long road trip or a weekend, is to take less.

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  3. PaulaIdalina says:

    I start the packing process about 2 weeks ahead too, setting things aside and writing a list (especially if it’s a longer trip). The hubby packs the night before but inevitably forgets to check how much toothpaste or shaving cream is left in his toiletry bag from the previous trip. When the kids were younger I had to pack for them too but now at 16 and 19 they’re left to their own devices…which of course means we’ll have to go buy something basic they forgot. I can’t complain too much since one trip years ago I forgot their pajamas!

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