Throwback: Goreme, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

A UNESCO World Heritage Site is a landmark regarded by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as important to the collective interests of humanity. A site should have a cultural, historical, or scientific significance to be designated as such. Hence, Goreme Open Air Museum in the Cappadocia region of central Turkey had been designated as such in 1985.

The Open Air Museum preserves caves and churches and frescoes from the 10th to 12th centuries.

Inspired by Saint Basil of Caesarea, the cave churches flourished until they were abandoned and kept hidden in 1923 during the population exchange between Greece and Turkey.

Today, the cave churches are visited by millions each year. 

The cave churches are an amazing testimony to the power of faith among early Christians. They awe and inspire both the faithful and those who are not religious.


About Dee Gilbert

I am one half of a couple who loves to travel; the half who likes to write and share travel experiences. Reading about travelers' experiences inspire me more to see the world. So, I thought, perhaps in my own little way I could inspire others, too. :)
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  1. harrietday98 says:

    Another beautiful place. Loving your blog!!

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