Snapshots: Venice in the Off Season

One of the things I love about Venice is it’s a very walkable city. 

Statue of Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni

Even though it was off season, there were many tourists. I expected a much lesser crowd.  It was February, after all. Winter time.

The crowd at Saint Mark’s Square

However, there was enough crowd to make one feel one was in a popular destination, but not too much to make one feel that it’s overcrowded.

A busy street in Venice at night time

It made exploring Venice by foot much more enjoyable.

A leaning tower in Venice

Although Venice is a popular destination, 80% of it, is not touristy according to travel expert Rick Steves. He advises visitors to escape the crowds and explore on foot. During the off season, walking around Venice is easier per our travel agency’s tour manager. She said that during peak season, one can barely walk a foot without bumping into people.

Main thoroughfare to Saint Mark’s Square

The weather was unusually above average when hubby and I were in Venice, so exploring on foot was a pleasure. Yes, there was a chill in the air. But it did not get in the way of an enjoyable walk around Venice.

A popular shopping street in Venice

Venice in the off season, I gathered, is less crowded. Instead of the hot sun promoting sticky sweat and bodily smells, there’s a bite in the air just enough to keep one awake and alert to enjoy the unique city that is Venice.

Thousands of years old map of Venice at the Vatican Museum

One thing that I kept appreciating all throughout my and hubby’s February trip to Italy was that I was so glad we came during the off season. 


About Dee Gilbert

I am one half of a couple who loves to travel; the half who likes to write and share travel experiences. Reading about travelers' experiences inspire me more to see the world. So, I thought, perhaps in my own little way I could inspire others, too. :)
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  1. ralietravels says:

    We love the off-season, but if too many of us start doing that, it will also be crowded, 🙂

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