Snapshots: Venice Bridges

Reposting for this week’s photo challenge, bridge.

There are many bridges in Venice, but I only managed to take pictures of five of them. There were so many things to see and do that I neglected to pay more attention to Venice’s bridges. Thankfully, I was able to take photos of three out of four bridges that cross the Grand Canal. The other two are deserving of attention due to their history and the beautiful scene they present, respectively.

Bridge of SighsThe Bridge of Sighs connects the Doge’s Palace to the New Prison. The story goes it is called as such because prisoners sigh when they pass through the bridge as they take their final gaze of the beauty of Venice from the bridge’s window.

Ponte di Rialto Rialto Bridge is one of the four Grand Canal bridges in Venice, and it is the oldest.

Ponte degli ScalziLiterally, it means bridge of the barefoot monks as it is near the Church of the Barefoot Monks. It is one of the four bridges that span the Grand Canal.

Ponte della CostituzioneOtherwise known as the Calatrava Bridge, it is the fourth bridge crossing the Grand Canal. It connects Stazione de Santa Lucia to Piazzale Roma.

Mystery Bridge (to me)The name of this bridge is a mystery only to me. Everyone in Venice, I’m guessing, knows the name of this bridge. I took a picture of it as I could not resist the beautiful scene before me.


About Dee Gilbert

I am one half of a couple who loves to travel; the half who likes to write and share travel experiences. Reading about travelers' experiences inspire me more to see the world. So, I thought, perhaps in my own little way I could inspire others, too. :)
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7 Responses to Snapshots: Venice Bridges

  1. Wow 😳 These are so beautiful pictures! I can only imagine how it would feel to live there. Have a wonderful weekend.

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    • Dee Gilbert says:

      Thank you! Venice is beautiful, but our guide said it’s very crowded in the Summer. There are more tourists than Venetians. I wouldn’t want to be there at peak season. 🙂


  2. Valentina says:

    Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.

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  4. maltanita says:

    So beautiful and also colorful!

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