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The Transient, a Haiku

Squawked a hello, and was gone; Continue reading

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Out of Focus in Rome

While traveling, I like to look at the scenery and snap pictures. Aboard a bus one evening in Rome, while our bus was idling waiting for traffic to clear, I attempted to take a panoramic picture of Saint Peter’s Basilica.I … Continue reading

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Order at the Spice Bazaar, Istanbul

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With the thousands of people visiting Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar each day, a foreigner may get intimidated by the chaos caused by foot traffic and the sound of voices soft and loud engaged in the art of haggling. But when one’s … Continue reading

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Evanescent (n) – soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing. This week’s photo challenge stumped me for a second. I told myself not to over think it, and came up with fireworks! 

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Memento Monday: Handwoven Turkish Carpets and Rugs

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Carpet rug weaving is a Turkish heritage. I am awed by the skill of these women who produce such beautiful silk carpets and rugs with only their hands.Their work are showcased in an elaborate presentation, snacks included.Made by hand, I … Continue reading

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Intramuros, A Filipino Heritage

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A popular quote of Jose Rizal, the Philippines’ national hero, goes “Ang hindi marunong tumingin sa pinangalingan; hindi makararating sa paroroonan.” (He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his … Continue reading

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A Fiery Reflection

On our way home from a weekend in Washington, D.C., I glanced at the side mirror from my seat as a passenger, and saw the sunset reflecting on it. I immediately grabbed my phone to take a picture, and I … Continue reading

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The Sleeping Danger That Is Mount Vesuvius

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Mount Vesuvius is silent, but dangerous. One can’t miss it, standing at the main square of Pompeii, the ancient city that is now a popular attraction because the presently quiet volcano erupted back in AD 79 covering Pompeii with ashes … Continue reading

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: A Dark Stormy Sky

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A dark stormy sky looms over Hallgrimskirkja in Iceland. Want to participate in Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge? Click here. 

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Silent Sunday: San Francisco, CA

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WPC: Earth

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