Happy Independence Day, America! đź‡şđź‡¸

“This Day in History: 07/04/1776 – U.S. Declares Independence. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Continental Congress adopts the Declaration of Independence, which proclaims the independence of the United States of America from Great Britain and its king.”- history.com

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Thursday Door: San Francisco Church, Porto đź‡µđź‡ą

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Igreja de SĂŁo Francisco is Porto’s gothic-style church. The inside is best known for its baroque decorations.The church is one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Portugal.

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Where the Shenandoah River meets the Potomac River

This week’s photo challenge reminded me of a trip to Harpers Ferry National Historic Park in Virginia. My husband and I went to see the rock where Thomas Jefferson stood and declared that the scene he was looking at  “is worth a voyage across the Atlantic”. He was referring to the point where the Shenandoah River transitions into the Potomac River.Standing there, gazing at the same view, I think, I agree with him. 🙂

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Tasty Tuesday: Grilled Sardines

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Summertime is grilled sardines season in Portugal. June 13, Saint Anthony’s Day is celebrated by snacking on grilled sardines. On our visit to Alfama in the beginning of June, the celebration has commenced. Stalls lined the festive streets and the … Continue reading

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Memento Monday: Rooster of Barcelos Dish Towel

I haven’t heard about the legend of the Rooster of Barcelos before my visit to Portugal. Our tour manager was happy to relate why there were so many rooster souvenirs everywhere in Portugal.The legend goes that an innocent man was sentenced to hang for stealing silver in Barcelos. At his sentencing, in front of a judge about to feast on a whole roasted rooster, the man exclaimed that on the day of his hanging, the roasted rooster will crow to prove his innocence. The judge saved the whole rooster for hanging day. When hanging day came, as the man was being hanged, the roasted rooster stood up and crowed. The judge immediately tried to stop the hanging. He was relieved that the accused who was innocent, was still alive as the knot on the rope did not hold. The story more or less goes that way. This legend is why the Rooster of Barcelos is one of the common emblems of Portugal. 

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Silent Sunday: Capela do Convento de Santa Cruz de Buçaco, Portugal

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Snapshots: Buçaco Palace Hotel, Portugal

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Buçaco Palace Hotel is located where an ancient convent used to stand. The monks of the convent created a garden to represent Mount Carmel from where the Carmelite order was founded. They left Buçaco after the dissolution of monasteries in … Continue reading

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Free Friday: Old City of GuimarĂŁes, Portugal

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GuimarĂŁes, Portugal is the ‘cradle of the Portuguese nationality’.The battle that gave birth to the country of Portugal occurred near GuimarĂŁes, and it is believed that the country’s first King, Afonso Henriques, was born there.The historic town center is a … Continue reading

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Thursday Doors: Biblioteca Joanina, Portugal

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King John’s Library, located at the University of Coimbra (oldest university in the country), in Coimbra, Portugal, is one of Portugal’s National Monuments. It’s a 300-year-old building that houses 55,000 books from the 18th century. It’s founder, King John V … Continue reading

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The Transient, a Haiku

“It stopped where I stood,

Squawked a hello, and was gone;

To where, I don’t know.”

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